• Custom Schedules only  $240 billed every 12 weeks
  • Email with questions and workout results
  • Race projections
    My basic philosophy of shorter workouts with higher intensity is still in place. Raise your performance levels and still have a life

Email coaching is a system where you receive weekly training schedules every four weeks based on the fitness information that you supply below. Your schedules will be custom tailored to your ability and goals.  From your fitness data, your training levels will be established- paces, heart rates and estimated blood lactate levels. You will receive a pace and heart rate chart that outlines this for you. You will then receive by fax or E mail, a schedule of detailed workouts. It will give lactate/training levels and your specific completion times In the schedule, there will be certain key workouts, which you should report back so that we can see improvement, and if you need an adjustment in your training.  Training schedules always change due to a number of factors, illness, work, family obligations all change your time available. 

We work within your time constraints. 

Sport rotation

I often prescribe a running emphasis with road races in the fall. Winter is good for a swim emphasis for most people. We move into a bike phase in February and March. In April and May, we are in a balanced phase, building a combined performance level. In many cases, during the race season, there will be additional shorter rotations. This depends on your individual strengths and weaknesses. These rotations will differ with individuals and time of year when to start receiving schedules.

 If you follow the system, you will get faster

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